When you’re stuck in the performance trap, you can sometimes miss nuances in the data that send you down the wrong road.

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We discuss these key takeaways:

  1. Have clear and enforced objectives - when more focus is on the tactics, you need to bring your team back to focus on the overarching objectives. 
    1. The better the brand, the better the ROAS is - comparing your ROAS to competitors requires you to consider brand equity. 
      1. There’s a missing piece in looking at the whole customer journey. Making the journey congruent from start to finish can solve a lot of conversion issues.
  2. Measuring your metrics vs KPIs - Just because you have a good KPI doesn’t mean you have good metrics. Your conversion rate may be down even though you have a good CTR on your ads. 
    1. If you need a refresher on this, check out our podcast episode that discusses it.
  3. Gather qualitative data on your SQLS - 
    1. How fast are you responding to leads? 
    2. Are leads not fitting? 
    3. Maybe the quality of the lead isn’t right - the target audience may not be right, and users may not be understanding the product correctly. 

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