You may think that when it comes to Google Ads, it's all about the keywords so your brand doesn't matter. However, that's not the case! Your brand value can have a significant impact on the success of your Google Ads campaigns. Brand value impacts everything from your click-through rate to your conversion rate. Leveraging your brand value on Google Ads is part of the recipe for success.

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Here are some key takeaways from our discussion today:

  1. Look at the full funnel where you’re converting people to ensure that you are communicating your value in the market through each touchpoint
  2. If you’re finding that your conversion rate isn’t what you want, your issue may stem from how you are marketing yourself through the different touch points in the funnel such as the website or landing page, offers, messaging, or targeting on the ads delivering the wrong type of lead
  3. When you are testing different landing pages, make sure the quality of the landing page is the equivalent of what you’re presenting on the website so you can a/b test which location may deliver a better conversion rate

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